Dress Code


Bar Events

Men: Smart jeans are acceptable for bar/ clubby events but we ask for a smart shirt and shoes rather than t-shirts and trainers. Suit style jackets only inside venue as again much smarter. Other outside coats to be left in cloakroom.

Ladies: Smart/casual and we guess you understand as we know ladies love dressing up when they are going out.

 Our events are smart/casual but it is very much 'Dress to Impress' for our Singles Events in London.

Black Tie Ball Sat June 24th

Men: Dinner suit, dress shirt and bow tie. Minimum is dark suit, white shirt and bow tie (ordinary ties not appropriate for a black tie ball so bow tie is essential please note for admittance)

Ladies: Long ball gowns and evening shoes. Minimum is dressy, evening cocktail dress and evening shoes. Definitely no trousers for this event or boots as again not appropriate for a black tie ball.


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