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London's Club for Sociable Singles

Contact Singles started as a singles social club in London in 1994 and has grown over the years. We have a big following and average around 220 - 250 at each event with lots of new members constantly joining.  We have members 30s, 40s and 50s & early 60s and the majority of the age range is 35 - 55. We do not mind if people are younger or older than this but this is the majority. Our club has become a real community where we have regulars who come along just because they love a good dance within their age range. Obviously the earlier part of the evening with introductions at the bar or the optional mass speed dating & 'flirt board'  are great ice-breakers before the DJ kicks off the party, but our events are very much more about the social occasion and making new friends. We always reach max numbers at events so you need to book before the day of the event. Everyone attending has confirmed address and mobile and we take over exclusive use of the venue which maintains a totally safe environment for people to meet.  You can  pass messages to anyone you would like to stay in touch with via us after the event if you do not have the chance to exchange numbers on the night. We can even do this if you put your message on the flirt board before the end of the event.  All you need to remember is the first name and the area the person lives as we keep guests lists. It is best to pass messages within the first week so the other person remembers you.

We have a team of 6 of us running each event and we introduce at the start of the evening so you will be well looked after if you come alone. We can even put ladies coming alone in touch with each other before the event via our female networking group mentioned below or directly by text if you mention you would like this when you text through to 07809 709099 after booking. 

Forthcoming Singles Parties in London 

If female and you would like to network with other single ladies to come to events or maybe to arrange a holiday together, please join our female networking Meet Up at  . 


Our next BIG event with Max 250 is Sat March 4 at Slug & Lettuce Victoria, SW1

We will be holding mass speed dating at 8.15pm so it is best to come at 7 - 7.30pm for introductions at the bar beforehand. We will also be introducing a flirt board where you can leave messages for other people attending the same event. If not collected that evening from the other person we can pass a message on for you after the event. We form a big circle standing for the mass speed dating with ladies on the outside and men on the inside. There are 15 mini 3 minute chats before the whistle blows and the men step to the right to the next lady. The DJ livens up the music from 9pm so the earlier ice-breakers are a great way to get chatting beforehand. Please don't make the mistake of thinking that coming later to miss all this is easier as it really isn't so easy to get talking to people when they are already emersed in conversation with someone they met earlier.

Tickets £13.75.


Sat March 4th Slug & Lettuce Victoria, SW1

You can book with a card without having a Pay Pal account. When you click through to the payment area please click on 'Check Out as Guest' and you can then book with your card. Pay Pal will send you a confirmation if the booking is successful and an email to us. We do need you to text through to confirm you have booked just in case the email from Pay Pal does not come through. We can then check and send you our confirmation. You will need the ticket on your mobile for entry so you really do need to text through after booking. We also need full name and mobile for anyone else you book when you text through.


Don't forget to text name through to 07809 709099 & any of person you book for with their mobile as we send ticket to mobile for entry.


How About a Short Break at Dordogne, France in a Beautiful Place

- Possibly Learn More About French Cuisine Preparation.

 Why not suggest meeting up with other single friends to share the cost of this beautiful place in Sainte Alvère which is half way between Bergerac and Sarlat, in the Dordogne – Périgord, France.   

Moulin Tour

Moulin Latour is a 19th century mill situated in 7 acres of land sloping down to a small stream. The mill is unique in that the horizontal mill wheel could still operate. A lot of space in the park to either relax or run about…feed the llamas! The house has been renovated and redecorated, keeping a rural feel but really  comfortable. It sleeps up to 10 people 3 bedrooms in the mill and a newly decorated independent studio in the basement. The mill is on the outskirts of the lively village of Sainte Alvère which has a bar, a restaurant,  2 bakers,  a grocery shop. Sainte Alvère is half way between Bergerac and Sarlat, in the Dordogne – Périgord.

People could share and the cost would be minimal per person for a week in a beautiful location, with a very welcoming guest .. our friend Liz Winterwalter who could also offer you optional French cookery lessons or French language lessons whilst you are there. Price per week for accommodation for 4 bedrooms (one of them being an independent studio in the basement) , would be: May 760 euros,  June 960 euros and July 1360 euros.  Bear in mind this is the price for the whole accommodation so much less if you find others to share.

The nearest airport is Bergerac only with Ryanair flying from Stansted ... and they can do airport pick up for a small fee!  You can make contact with Liz by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.


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